We’re Growing: WealthBar Raises $5.5M Investment

May 10, 2016


We’re Growing: WealthBar Raises $5.5M Investment


For years now, investing for Canadians hasn’t exactly been the most elegant experience. Imagine your financial advisor showing up to your home, opening a massive binder full of funds and forms that you fill out while you have your kids running around the house and tugging on your arm. The dishes are still in the sink, the phone is ringing, and you had to take half a day off work to make the meeting happen.

At the bank, you’re subject to long queues, banking hours, and exorbitant fees to pay a commission to your advisor. For the average Canadian those fees can add up to $1,801.74 a year.

It doesn’t take much to imagine how this experience can be significantly better for customers, especially when you bring technology into the picture. This is why we created WealthBar.

A little over 1 year ago, we started one of Canada’s first online financial advisors and investment services with the aim of making saving less costly, more convenient, less intimidating, and more accessible to Canadians.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive and today we’re proud to announce a further $5.5M investment in WealthBar with major contributions from some of Canada’s most knowledgeable investment leaders. They include Nicola Wealth Management, Canada’s leading high-net-worth wealth management company and Howard Atkinson, one of the pioneers of the ETF industry and former President of Horizon ETFs.

We’re pushing to make WealthBar the best experience for Canadian savers and this investment will be monumental in expanding our reach, features, and offerings.

While online investing has been around for awhile, having a dedicated financial advisor who can answer your questions, help you create a financial plan and coach you along the way is what sets WealthBar apart from any other online investing service. With the right advice at the right time, Canadians can make smarter, healthier and more informed decision about their finances — and in many cases save a significant amount of taxes.

If you already invest with WealthBar, we’re excited to have you along this journey in changing how Canadians save, but this is just the beginning.

Want to see our official fancy press release? You can find it here in English or French.

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