Webinar. Buy vs. Rent. What’s Right for You?

March 18, 2015


Webinar. Buy vs. Rent. What’s Right for You?


For most of us, investing in a home is what ‘adults do’. It’s how we settle down and eventually prepare ourselves financially for retirement. But for many Canadians, especially those in large cities, the dream of owning a home is becoming harder to justify.

Does this mean we should all re-think the dream? Is renting a more viable option? Or is there a way to get more of us on the path to home ownership?

Join us this Sunday, March 22nd (at 10.30PT OR 7PM PT) for a brief 25-minute webinar where WealthBar CEO Tea Nicola will discuss the basic facts and truths on the topic of Rent vs. Buy. We will walk you through a couple of case studies and show you how you can filter out the noise and make a decision that is right for you. You will also learn:

–The stats, trends, and distributions across residential real estate in Canada
–How to know how much you can afford
–Understanding what the bank tells you vs the reality of your situation
–Separating the rent vs own myths from the facts

We’ll also be available after the webinar to help answer any questions you may have.

Update: This webinar is now over! But you can view the recording by clicking here.

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