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The future of money. WealthBar Q&A with Nikolas Badminton

September 17, 2018


The future of money. WealthBar Q&A with Nikolas Badminton

Life & Money

What does the future of money look like? Is cryptocurrency just a hot new thing, or is it here to stay? How is technology changing? how Canadians save, spend and invest? And finally, what are the economic trends that are going to open up new opportunities and challenges?

I had a fun, far-ranging conversation with Futurist Nikolas Badminton covering these very topics!

Nikolas is a renowned Futurist that drives world leaders to take action in creating a better world for humanity. He provides expertise in new technologies and promotes exponential thinking with a critical, honest, and optimistic view that empowers you to plan for today, tomorrow, and for the future. You can see Nikolas’ insights at

Enjoy the full interview here.

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