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Real access to investing in Canada’s true north

June 6, 2017


Real access to investing in Canada’s true north

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The people who live in Canada’s true north deserve just as much of a chance to invest in their futures as those in the south. With WealthBar, they can.

Economic activity in the north, such as in the fast-growing mining and energy sectors, benefits all Canadians. Long after the Klondike gold rush that brought a wave of settlers to Canada’s north, the territories are still seen as a place where treasure lies just under the permafrost. Canada is investing in exploring that bounty – something to celebrate as we come up on Canada 150.

Where do the Canadians in the true north invest their earnings?

But until recently, the people who worked in the north had fewer options for investing their hard-earned money. Financial services were hard to deliver according to an old service model involving brick-and-mortar institutions (unless you happened to live right on Main Street in Whitehorse). Even then, it was hard to access high-quality investing advice from a licensed fiduciary.

Canada’s north makes up about 40 percent of the whole land of the country. For many people living in other countries who have seen images of polar bears or the northern lights on the Internet, the north is Canada. It is a sparse landscape, where there are sometimes more moose than people around.

But in an Internet age, why should it matter if you’re in Winnipeg or Watson Lake? We started WealthBar with a mission of making investing easier for Canadians — all Canadians, wherever they are.

At the start of 2017, we officially began offering services to people in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Clients in northern communities can sign up and manage their investments online using their WealthBar dashboard, just like anywhere else across Canada.

Got Internet? You can manage your investments just as easily from Yellowknife as from Toronto or Montreal. Learn more about how WealthBar can help you do more with your money.

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