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Q&A at Canadian Financial Summit. What does it take to retire?

October 5, 2017


Q&A at Canadian Financial Summit. What does it take to retire?

Life & Money

Congratulations! In the lottery of life, you hit the jackpot. Since you made the wise decision to exist in Canada in 2017, you might get to live better than 99.999999% of all humans who have ever lived. You are also likely to live longer. 100-year lifespans might be the new normal soon. Pretty cool — except that you have to pay for all those years when you’re not working…

For many Canadians who are closer to retirement, investing for retirement can be a challenge. They have so many questions. They know not to put all their eggs into one basket, but what does it really mean to have a diversified portfolio? When is it time to switch over from a growth to conservation strategy? How can they reduce taxes? At the recent Canadian Financial Summit we covered these topics and more in a conversation with Kyle Prevost, the witty and charming founder of the popular blog Young & Thrifty. Enjoy!

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