Investing in the age of Trump

Canadians investing in the age of Trump

In my Year in Review update to WealthBar clients about performance, ‘Making Investing Great Again,’ I talked a bit about the Donald Trump effect on the markets. Love him or hate him, the new US chief executive (and his tweets) form part of that bigger… Read more

What is a fiduciary?

What the heck is a fiduciary?

Fiduciary definition. “A person to whom property or power is entrusted for the benefit of another.” (via In the context of the Canadian financial industry, this essentially means that the financial adviser acts in the expressed interest of their client. Fiduciary duty and the… Read more

Breaking up with your bank

Breaking up with your bank isn’t hard to do

When I started WealthBar, many financial industry leaders told me that it would be tough to get people to switch over from their bank. “Canadians are naturally apathetic,” they said. “They stay loyal to the bank where they opened a bank account when they were… Read more

Don’t let emotion cloud your sound investing strategy

In the Trump era of fake news and seesawing headlines about possible trade wars and tax cuts, one rule sticks out for us: don’t let your emotions decide for you when you’re investing. That theme also came through loud and clear in a recent interview… Read more

What companies need to know about Groups RRSPs

What companies need to know before offering Group RRSPs

There’s a huge talent shortage in Canada. To cope, cities and provinces are opening up that talent search to the world (even as others turn skilled workers away). In this hyper-competitive recruiting environment, savvy employers are using a big enticement to keep top performers: Group… Read more

Bank scandals and how to get good financial advice

Burned by bank scandals? Get honest financial advice

I wouldn’t claim that all of the big banks are caught up in scandals over high-pressure sales tactics. The people working at the big banks can tell you that. This headline from the CBC sums up the problem nicely: ‘We are all doing it’: Employees… Read more

Market Update March 2017

Market Update. US, Canadian economies growing

We saw that in March, the US interest rate increased, the price of oil continued a downward drip. Meanwhile, the US and Canadian economies saw positive signs. US economy gets a boost With the US economy showing signs of improvement, the Federal Open Market Committee initiated… Read more

Millennials investing in the markets

Millennials investing in the markets

Why aren’t millennials investing in the markets at the same rate as other age groups in Canada? It’s actually fairly straightforward. Our CTO Chris Nicola explains in this week’s article in Business in Vancouver: “They’ve got other primary goals in mind. They have lower disposable… Read more

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