July 2016 Investment Market Update

July was a good month for WealthBar clients as equity markets around the world exhibited good performance. In Canada, the TSX Composite was up 3.9%. South of the border the S&P500 was up 3.7% and internationally the MSCI EAFE was up 5.5%. The Canadian market… Read more


D-I-Why? Avoiding 4 Pitfalls of Do-it-Yourself Investing

Canadian investors pay the highest management fees in the world for mutual funds. That’s one reason why many people are turning to DIY investing — to save money on fees. According to a study published by Morningstar, the average management expense ratios (MER) of equity… Read more


June 2016 Investment Market Update

Much of the focus in June was on Brexit and you can read our commentary following the referendum in our special interim market update. Brexit had immediate effects on global markets. We don’t know how it will shape the global economy but expect volatility to… Read more

The WealthBar Group RRSP for Canadians

It’s Here: A Better Group RRSP For Your Workplace

We’re pretty excited about this one. We’re now able to offer Group RRSPs to employers who want to help their employees save for retirement. (Not sure what that is? See our article on group RRSPs) Maybe it doesn’t sound that exciting. But we’re excited because… Read more


Interim Market Update June 2016: The Brexit

As a Brit who supported the “Remain” campaign, I was disappointed when the votes were in and final ballots counted. The people of Great Britain chose to leave the European Union (“EU”), Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation, and much of the world is… Read more

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