Growing a business geographically

How to grow a business geographically

Canadians are a pretty entrepreneurial bunch. As of late 2015, there were 1.17 million employer businesses across the country. As you might expect, a lot of WealthBar’s clients are business owners, or part of a team that’s helping a company grow. For our clients, we’re their trusted financial… Read more

Refer a friend to WealthBar

Refer a friend to WealthBar, be $50 richer

Being good to the people you care about is its own reward, but we think nice folks deserve a little something extra. Every time you refer a friend** (or someone else you care about) to WealthBar, you both can come out ahead with $50 each!… Read more

Canadians, get a second opinion about your investments

Get a second opinion on your investments

Checking your investments lately? You may have noticed the market had some ups and downs this month. Hey, it happens from time to time (See our recent article about how experienced longer-term investors know to tune out temporary hiccups in the market). Either way, it’s… Read more

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