Meet the new WealthBar.

From the start, WealthBar has been about friends helping friends. Having years of finance experience, WealthBar co-founders Tea & Chris learned first hand how to take care of their money. When friends asked them for advice, they knew how wealthy families invested in exclusive, diversified… Read more

WealthBar. $100 million under management

We’ve hit a $100 million milestone

  We have big news! You’ve helped WealthBar hit a $100 million milestone by investing with us online. We now manage over $100 million in discretionary assets across Canada, making us a major player in the financial technology space. Woohoo! Two years ago we set… Read more

2016 Market Review

Each month I bring you a roundup of all the most important market news that impacts your investments in my Market Updates. Looking back on all the news from 2016, it’s plain to see that the biggest events that shaped the market were a major… Read more

Santa rallies the markets

On Christmas Eve, Santa goes through hell and high water to deliver gifts to the children of the world and then heads back to the North Pole to prepare for the next year. What the kids don’t know is that Santa often brings the magic… Read more

November 2016 Investment Market Update

We kicked off the month with a lot of market uncertainty. This was quickly turned around as Donald Trump won the US election and OPEC agreed to cut oil production. Equity markets rose (S&P500 +3.7%, S&P/TSX Composite 2.2% & Nikkei +5.1%) and volatility subsided (VIX… Read more

Financial literacy month: Saving like it’s 1982

While researching how Canadians save for Financial Literacy Month, I came across a mythical year that all statistics reference: 1982. It was the year Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, Canada gained constitutional independence from the Queen of England, Adobe Systems was born–bringing Photoshop to the… Read more

Financial Literacy Month: Life on a budget

Nobody wants to be on a budget, but the reality is we have a finite amount of resources–a.k.a. money–and infinite ways to use it. Budgeting is a way to keep your daily expenditures in check, so when you come to a financial bridge you’d like… Read more

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