Green investing goes online with our new Cleantech option

Green investing goes online with our new Cleantech option

Now investors don’t have to choose between doing what’s right for the environment and what’s right for their portfolio. Our new Cleantech add-on lets investors focus 5% of their money into PowerShares PZD, an environmentally progressive fund with a track record for performance. Adding Cleantech allows… Read more

Canadian economy heads north, international markets enjoy good run

Market update. Canadian economy heads north

Returns for the WealthBar Balanced ETF Portfolio were up 1.2% for September. Over a full year we have seen a 10.2% return, notwithstanding moderate volatility over the spring and summer. Canadian economy keeps purring along, which is a good thing for our portfolio Canada’s economy… Read more

Managing household expenses. Tips from Rubina Ahmed-Haq

A little while ago, one newsworthy survey showed that most Canadians would have trouble managing their household expenses if interest rates went up. Well, rates have indeed climbed. The cost of servicing a mortgage is up, putting pressure on household budgets for everything else, from groceries to… Read more

Good and bad habits for investing

Are your investing instincts all wrong? To put it another way, would you prefer to avoid losing money more than you want to make money? Check out this presentation showing how many investors get the fundamentals wrong when it comes to placing their bets, which is often… Read more

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