PPI Valet, powered by WealthBar, has officially launched across Canada.

PPI Valet powered by WealthBar launches nationwide

A little while back, we announced a big deal. We teamed up with PPI, a national insurance marketing firm. Together we developed an innovative custom investment platform designed to help advisors grow their business and enhance their relationships with clients. Today we’re letting the world know that PPI Valet, powered… Read more

RRSP contribution deadline

RRSP contribution deadline and CRA rules reminder

The March 1, 2018 RRSP contribution deadline approaches! As such, many Canadians are about to make a last minute contribution to their RRSP account. RRSP contribution deadlines for 2017 tax year December 31, 2017 March 1 (First 60 days of 2018). Here are some important… Read more

Thrifty and thoughtful gift ideas for the holidays

Doing some last-minute holiday shopping? The urge to spend is almost irresistible. Saving money might be the furthest thing from your mind. But around holiday time, I try to focus on what really matters: spending time with family and friends. Still, expectations are hard to change…. Read more

Market Update. Investor confidence stoked by US tax reform

Returns for the WealthBar Balanced ETF Portfolio were up 1.3% for November. Over the year to date, the Balanced ETF Portfolio has seen a 11.1% return. Our Aggressive ETF Portfolio is up over 13.6% for the year to date. See more about how our portfolios performed. Markets head upward as investors… Read more

TFSA vs RRSP. An overview

TFSA vs RRSP vs both. What’s best for me?

  I recently read an in-depth analysis by David Chilton (AKA The Wealthy Barber) looking into a specific question: TFSA vs RRSP? I was inspired to do some in-depth analysis on my own. One end result of doing all that research: I went ahead and created WealthBar’s… Read more

Thoughts on being a Mom Boss

Some thoughts from a Mom Boss

Mom Bosses. We juggle family life and work, like everyone… but there’s something else when you’re the founder of a company. Your business is kind of like your baby. You want to nurture it. Protect it. Give it the love it deserves, so it can… Read more

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