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Infographic: Canada’s 2016 Federal Budget – How it Affects You & Your Wallet

March 23, 2016


Infographic: Canada’s 2016 Federal Budget – How it Affects You & Your Wallet

Life & Money

A federal budget focused on kick-starting a struggling Canadian economy was announced by Finance Minister, Bill Morneau. The Liberal government stayed true to promises to help middle-class Canadians and students by introducing new programs and improvements to existing benefits.  Here’s a summary of key points and what it means for you. 

2016-Canada-Budget-Infographic-WealthBar (1)

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  1. John W Vickery

    Trudeau has put a better budget out then what the province of NB government has at a time when this province is in bad shape, The Gallant government has done nothing but dig in the pockets of the taxes payers with all the increases in taxes and hope that his government will come out smelling like a rose . Well there is a smell and its not like a rose , All this NB government has done is but more hard times on the people of NB .

    • john hollard

      and where do you think the money is coming from to fund the liberal utopia?

  2. Jordan

    Excellent infographic here! It's so important for people to understand how the budget will change things about living in a country. Thanks for sharing this.

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