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Infographic: How Much Are Mutual Fund Fees Costing You?

June 27, 2016


Infographic: How Much Are Mutual Fund Fees Costing You?

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The average Canadian investor pays the equivalent of 3 coffees per day in mutual fund fees. In fact, Canadians pay the highest fees in the world on mutual funds. Billions annually.

But not to worry. There are better, lower-cost options out there for your money that can save you hundreds of thousands over your lifetime.

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  1. Carson James

    I have paid a total of $0 in fee's for my mutual funds and had absolutely no issues with it. Unless every other bank other than CIBC is a crook, I would say this article is complete hogwash.

    • Denny Hollick

      Hi Carson, As much as I'd love for there to be such thing as no-fee investments, they simply don't exist. ALL of these 'no-fee' investments do in fact have fees. There are many types of fees but they are not transparently or clearly disclosed. In many cases, some of these no-fee investments can be the worst offenders. Take a dig into the fine print, check out the MERs, ask your advisor, and ask someone else who is experienced in investing for a second opinion. But you don't need to take my word for it, just check out this article here:

    • Bob Pearson

      You do need to tell us all how you pay $0 for mutual funds. I was paying $10000 per year in fees, and they hardly kept up with the market indices. I am happy to hear you have someone who works for nothing

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