How much could you save by switching to WealthBar? It might be enough for a vacation

July 25, 2017


How much could you save by switching to WealthBar? It might be enough for a vacation


Summer vacation season is here, but did you save up for it? By switching to WealthBar, the average Canadian mutual fund holder could save over $1,000 a year in fees. That could be enough for a quick vacation in one of Canada’s big tourist destinations, or even an international getaway!

Like, share, tell us where you want to go. Enter our vacation contest and you could win a $1,000 travel voucher from Flight Centre!

Here’s how to enter the WealthBar Vacation contest:

  1. Like, share and leave one comment on this Facebook post telling us where you would go if you won! Each action counts as one entry.
  2. Entries must be received before Thursday, August 3rd at 11am PST to be eligible.
  3. Winner will be randomly chosen and notified via Facebook on Friday, August 4th.

UPDATE: Thanks to all those who left comments here, but just as a reminder, the comments only count as official entries on the Facebook post linked above. Thanks so much!

Terms & Conditions

Eligibility: Contest open to Canadian residents who are over the age of majority in their province/territory of residence at the time of entry. Contest is not open to residents of Quebec. Employees, representatives and agents of WealthBar, as well as the immediate family members (spouse, children, parents and siblings) and those living in the same household of such employees, representatives and agents are not eligible to enter. Void where prohibited by law. Upon selection, the winner will be asked and must correctly answer a skill testing question before receiving the prize.

The Prize: The winner will receive a Flight Centre voucher valued at $1,000. The prize may not be exchanged for cash. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed by, or associated with Facebook and Flight Centre. Any questions, comments, or complaints regarding the contest will be directed towards WealthBar Financial Services.

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  1. Astarte Sands

    Argentina, or Columbia Maybe back to Africa... So many places to see!

    • Dolly Butler

      This would so awesome, i always wanted to visit Jamaica, Thanks @wealthbar

    • jerry chrapko

      costa rica would be a cool placetovisit

  2. Carolyn Gentleman


    • Carolyn Gentleman

      Such a beautiful city

  3. Branka Stefanovic

    Thank you for the generous giveaway. We would certainly put it to good use.

  4. Valerie Caldicott

    I would go to Las Vegas. I think we are the only people never to have been, even my kids have visited Vegas.

  5. Doris Calvert

    Maui or Vegas would be awesome!


    I would go to Nova Scotia with my Mom

  7. Carol Golden


  8. Martin Vanderlinden

    France then take the Santa Domingo spiritual trail to Spain :) pls pls pls, need this !

  9. Jason


  10. Jason merker

    South America

  11. Brittaby

    St. John's Newfoundland please and thank you so much 😊

  12. Bethany

    British Colombia or San Francisco

  13. John G

    Turks & Caicos

  14. Calvin f.

    lol you enter on fb not here.

  15. Kelly


  16. Peter Weber


  17. Jack Edwards

    Italy! would love to travel the Amalfi Coast!

  18. Jen

    Spain or Portugal would be fun!

  19. Sandi C Tymchuk

    I would go to Las Vegas!

  20. Eva Urban

    Angel Falls Venezuela.



  22. Lisha

    I want to go to Costa Rica!

  23. barb mcquoid

    interlaken switzerland

  24. Janna

    New Zealand would be ideal but $1000 wouldn't be enough, so I'll choose Iceland

  25. Joe DAmours

    I would go to Paris, I've never been to France ;-)

  26. john jonasson



    Ottawa - where I used to live & where I was happy.

  28. Carol Brown

    Paris and Italy

  29. colleen mcdonald

    I would go to new orleans

  30. D Irvine

    I'd go to Maui for sure!

  31. sandra lebeau

    We have been to many places, but the next destination is Chile to explore South America.

  32. ANR

    I would go to Hawaii or Turkey. Both places I've always wanted to see. Oh...but then there's Greece too...can't choose!

  33. Margaret Imecs

    I would love to go to Morocco and drink Saffron tea every day.

  34. V. CArrasco

    I would go to thailand!

  35. Maurice Stangl

    Buzio, Brasil......the beach is awesome, the people friendly....and great food and beer

  36. thomas rusinak

    I'd go back to my home town of Flin Flon Manitoba!

  37. Dane Praed

    Australia! :)

  38. Stephanie Moore

    I would like to go back to Morocco

  39. Lynn Goad

    I'd fly out east for a vacation!

  40. Pat Lewis


  41. Les Scory

    I would like to go to Las Vegas

  42. Jordan Tardi

    I would love to travel to Belize! It is the #1 thing on my bucket list!

  43. Sandra McGugan

    I would go to Italy if I won!

  44. Louanne Baelde

    I would love to see the Rockies and Banff, Alberta! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  45. PAUL volker

    awesome would love to go back to florida

  46. Katherine Cooper

    I would really enjoy going to Disney World, I never got the chance to go there as a kid.

  47. Kim Scobie

    I would like to go to Nova Scotia.

  48. Jennifer M

    I'd visit Venice, Italy.

  49. Tamaira D

    I'd love to travel to Jamaica

  50. Tyrell

    I'd love to visit my best friend in Vancouver, BC

  51. Rita

    I'd love to see the East Coast, like Newfoundland.

  52. Jen

    My dream trip would be to visit St.Lucia

  53. Rachel Osborne

    I would like New Orleans!

  54. Renee Lacasse

    Buenos Aires

  55. Charlotte B

    Switzerland to visit friends

  56. Jesse K

    London would be great to visit my aunt and then explore spain/greece

  57. Linda Kollybaba

    Florida Keys never been... I heard it is nice there GLA

  58. Julie A.

    I'd love to go back to Italy

  59. Giuseppa Scappaticci

    Would love to go to Spain. Good luck to all!

  60. Rod Weir

    Dublin, Ireland

  61. Kim Swan


  62. Dolores Abar

    great contest, we always wished we could see Newfound land and Labour

  63. Marlene V

    I would love to go to Peru - I really want to see Machu Picchu

  64. Marlene V

    I would love to go to Peru - I have always wanted to go see Machu Picchu

  65. Karen engel

    Rome for my mom's dream trip

  66. Niki

    Would take the family back to Disneyland!! 🎪🎪🛫🛫🎡🎡🎠🎠Thank you so much for the opportunity to win🏰🏰

  67. Esther Egert

    I'd love to visit Prince Edward Island.

  68. Lynette Willie

    Iceland I hear its awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  69. Sheila Tanner

    Yukon to see the Northern Lights

  70. Madonna Byrne

    I would go to New York.

  71. caroline collin


  72. bryan lane

    I would go to Florida.

  73. Molly Mccarnan

    I would go to Las Vegas! I have wanted to go since my 21st birthday, I am now almost 30 and I need to cross this off my bucket list, I wanna bet on black and visit the strip! Woo Hoo! :)

  74. Molly Mccarnan

    I would go to Vegas with my handsome amazing partner!!

  75. Mary Harris


  76. Cynthia O.


  77. Eun Joo Lee

    italy or greece

  78. yen Tam

    i would go to bali

  79. Margarida Soibelman

    Dreaming about going back to Thailand, this time with the kids and hubby.

  80. aimee

    florida- disney my kids would love it

  81. Diane G

    I would like to go back to Hawaii.

  82. Edmund

    To Paris to see the Elfel tower. Thank you for the kindness, the contest, and generosity. :) Pick me,

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