Meet the new WealthBar

January 31, 2017


Meet the new WealthBar


From the start, WealthBar has been about friends helping friends.

Having years of finance experience, WealthBar co-founders Tea & Chris learned first hand how to take care of their money. When friends asked them for advice, they knew how wealthy families invested in exclusive, diversified portfolios with some of the best advice in the industry. But their friends struggled to save with the limited options at their bank. They weren’t getting the same level of advice, yet they paid really high fees.

Tea & Chris believed their friends deserve to get the most out of their money too, not just the wealthy. Fed up, they decided to do something about it and created WealthBar. Now, it’s their mission to help every single Canadian build their brightest future possible.

At WealthBar, our clients connect with advisors so they get all their questions answered. We help them understand their portfolio and where their money’s going. But most importantly, we help them connect with their own money in a positive way. As stressful and intimidating as money can be, it’s the heart of our lives, our morning coffee, and our lifelong aspirations. Knowing your future is brighter because you’ve taken care of your investments is a pretty great feeling, a feeling we want everyone to have.

We’re changing our look to reflect who we honestly are.

We always knew connecting Canadians to their finances was at the heart of WealthBar, but clients often tell us they only knew that after getting to know us better. The level of service, the ease, and the friendliness they experience are what our clients love about WealthBar. So we’re changing our look to match who we really are.


A brand built on connections.

Our new logo embodies the connections that are a core part of WealthBar. It’s an interconnected monogram that’s gridlike, yet has a sense of playfulness. As an investment company, we have strict structures and processes to protect our clients’ money, but we also believe investing doesn’t have to be a dry and confusing process. It can be easy, convenient, and friendly.

It’s not just our logo that we’ve changed. Our new brand is part of our commitment to making investing easier to understand, friendlier to experience, and more convenient to do. Money isn’t simple, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult.

Meeting the New WealthBar Brand

We’ve still got a heart of teal.

Even though we’ve got a new logo and a new look, we’re still the same team of people trying to help their friends. The only difference is that we’re more excited than ever. Well, that and we have new business cards. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, but with the help of our clients and friends, we know we’ll find WealthBar’s brightest future.

Heart of Teal
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