Behind the Screen: Meet David Dyck, Advisor, Portfolio Manager & Rock Music Virtuoso

August 22, 2016


Behind the Screen: Meet David Dyck, Advisor, Portfolio Manager & Rock Music Virtuoso


In his youth, David Dyck was once a long-haired, head-banging member of a rock band, spending hours playing guitar in his room.

When David decided to enter the financial industry though, he did what he thought he had to do to secure a job: cut his hair to fit into the conventional image of the financial advisor.

But David is not necessarily a conventional man.

After a few years of doing financial advising the old school way at a bank – where the client sits across the desk, unable to see the details of their portfolio transparently or often aren’t given the advice they need – he decided to be a part of the new robo-advisor movement and joined WealthBar.

The trade off has been major for David, who gives financial advice and oversees the portfolios of everyone from millennials to retirees who have chosen to invest with WealthBar.

“Coming to WealthBar I got to focus on the part of the financial world that I really love, which is giving advice and helping people on the investment side of things,” says David.

“Working online with people I’m able to use tools on the website to explain their financial plan and through those tools they are able to understand what’s happening with their money. Before, I would give them a print out after a two hour meeting and who knows if they ever looked at it again, much less understood it.”

David’s goal with each of his clients is to patiently guide them through the challenges in their lives, while staying on track for their goals, whether that be a home purchase, retirement or curating a solid collection of My Little Ponies – although he would probably advise against it.

“Most people in Canada are being really underserved in terms of financial advice,” says David.

“It’s not easy to find someone who will help piece together all the various parts of their finances and makes sense of it all without being charged a lot of hidden fees.”

When David is not getting your financial life on track he’s figuring out whether to buy or rent a home with his wife, playing video games (hopefully with his wife), listening to Metallica or managing the office hockey pool.

David loves hockey pools and financial advising so much that he decided to marry the two by coming up with a new strategy for player picks that is based on financial investment analysis, which can be seen in an infographic here.

Curiously, David happened to win the hockey pool this year, but claims it was won fair and square.

“Everyone had a fair shot and had the cheat sheet I made,” says David. “I’m not going to feel guilty for winning the pool!”

Although an office hockey pool seems miles away from the solid investment advice you’re looking for and getting from David, it’s not. To him, it’s all about strategy and a good strategist can find a system for just about anything.

“Whether it’s a hockey pool or your finances, it’s about making simple decisions based on the possible trade-offs,” says David. “Fundamentally it’s just about knowing there are different options and limited resources and figuring out how you should allocate those resources so that you can do what you want in life.”

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Abby WisemanAbby Wiseman is a journalist, writer and communications professional based out of Vancouver, BC. She’s written for publications from the Vancouver Sun, Metro Vancouver, and BCBusiness, to being an Associate Producer for CBC Radio One. Follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Kathleen Barone

    Congratulations David! Really great article, all your hard work is beginning to pay off... Very nice to hear about your achievements . Love from a proud Aunt in Melbourne Australia Tanta Kathy

  2. Bill Silverberg

    I very much appreciate the time and advice that you gave to me in our recent telephone conversation You were most helpful Thanks Bill

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