Behind the Screen: Christoffer Johansen, developer, coffee lover

October 21, 2016


Behind the Screen: Christoffer Johansen, developer, coffee lover


Christoffer Johansen is rarely seen without a coffee cup in hand. He is Danish, so he drinks his coffee like the Danes do–black. His coffee–often from Starbucks–cup goes where he does. Christoffer is the coffee cup. The coffee cup is Christoffer.

But Christoffer’s coffee cup has dark a secret: its contents are often not from a coffee shop. Instead he buys one cup and continually refills it with office coffee, sipping it slowly while conjuring up creative ways to make WealthBar’s web and mobile app a better experience for you.

Christoffer’s has a natural inclination for problem solving and loves to take on complicated problems and see them through to a solution. In a different time he would have maybe been a mechanic, but being a modern man, he puts his problem solving skills into software development.

As a kid, Christoffer’s father gave him a broken down computer. Unlike most kids who would have complained about the seemingly useless hardware, Christoffer was fascinated and tinkered with it until it worked.

Moving from hardware to software, Christoffer figured out how to build a website–starting with a birthday website for his mom– and found his calling.

“It’s really fun. It’s like someone gives me a puzzle at the beginning of the day, I sit and tinker with it and at the end of the day I either have something or I don’t,” says Christoffer. “If I don’t I just revert the code and try again the next day.”

Christoffer moved to Vancouver as a teenager and went from being the outspoken soccer player to the new guy in a new school, in a new country, in a new language, which meant he had a bit more time to kill during those lunch hours than most ninth graders.

“At first I didn’t really know how to fit in, so I spent most my time in the library reading random books, but that was a good experience and I actually got to make friends with people who were also into technology,” says Christoffer. “We mostly played computer games.”

Sports got Christoffer out of the library and onto the rugby field, but he kept his fondness for World of Warcraft, making coding his living and switching rugby up for boxing.

Three times a week Christoffer hits the boxing gym for a gruelling work out. When asked why he loves it he says largely because he likes being yelled at and pushed to the point of physical illness.

“It’s fun to let out a little code aggression on the bag and I sometimes finish the workouts feeling like I want to puke,” says Christoffer. “I like having someone there pushing me to go beyond my limit, because I would definitely otherwise stop myself from pushing through a tough workout.”

When not working at WealthBar or hitting the gym, Christoffer is tackling a new song on the electric guitar. His favourite things to play are blues, garage punk, Jimmy Hendrix and Red Hot Chili Peppers, which is a band he can and will discuss at length.

His favourite Chili Peppers album? Californication.

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Abby WisemanAbby Wiseman is a journalist, writer and communications professional based out of Vancouver, BC. She’s written for publications from the Vancouver Sun, Metro Vancouver, and BCBusiness, to being an Associate Producer for CBC Radio One. Follow her on Twitter.

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