How did our investments actually perform? See the numbers for yourself

July 13, 2017


How did our investments actually perform? See the numbers for yourself


We love these kinds of opportunities to actually rub elbows with investors and market watchers, like at our recent Wine & Wealth event.

The highlight of the evening was a talk on what the future holds for the markets and investors, by Nicola Wealth Management CEO John Nicola. Now you can see that presentation on our YouTube channel. It was a far-ranging discussion on investing in the age of Trump. But before that, our Co-Founder and CEO, Tea Nicola, had a few words to say about the performance.

Ever wondered how a robo-adviser stacks up against some of the other investment offerings out there? Look no further. Here are the numbers we shared about WealthBar’s performance in 2016 – and (spoiler alert) we think they’re pretty darn good.

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  1. DJ Richards

    Within the PIP Nicola core portfolio, can the weight of the various investment/asset classes change significantly as market conditions change? For example, in the event of a global sovereign debt crisis, could allocations to collapsing assets such as bonds & stocks be cut in favour of real assets like property & metals and/or cash? Because the oft-cited criticism of ETF investing is being tied to an index when it collapses combined with the mismatched liquidity (i.e,. ETF promise continuous liquidity when sometimes there exists limited liquidity of their underlying assets, for example certain bonds), which is expected to be a devastating combination in the next bear market (whenever that may happen). Thanks.

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