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Investing for everyone? The resurgence of the 1 percent

July 27, 2017


Investing for everyone? The resurgence of the 1 percent

Market Insights News

We’ve recently commented on how Canadians can think about investing in an age of Trump. Canada is very much connected to the USA, so the impression of a White House struggling just to keep order is disconcerting to investors.

As we said at the time:

And whether the US pulls out of NAFTA or not, with disputes shaping up over the dairy industry and softwood lumber, something is going on. Some Canadian investors are thinking that we’re in uncharted territory. They’re not entirely wrong.

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But then, in the long term, it might not matter as much as they think it does. The hiccups of the daily news headlines may matter a lot less to your long-term investing strategy than you might think.

And now the NAFTA renegotiations are happening. The age of Trump has truly arrived. But the question is, did he really cause this change? Or is the new President riding a wave that was already in motion before he arrived? And what does it all mean for investors?

Nicola Wealth Management CEO John Nicola talked about these Trump-ian trends at our recent Wine & Wealth event.

On a related topic, John also discussed how changes in our increasingly tech-dominated economy is skewing the percentages when it comes to who owns what. The Occupy Wall Street movement may have popularized the 1% phrase, but the trend was already happening before then. We’re still not replicating the gulf between the haves and have-nots seen in Europe and America’s gilded age of the 1920s. Nonetheless, the trend of an increasing disparity is not a myth. John talks about what’s happening here – and why savvy investors need to pay attention.

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