Introducing new WealthBar Statements

March 19, 2019


Introducing new WealthBar Statements


We’ve been working on ways to enhance our user experience, making it easier for clients to fully understand their investments. The result — a new, highly detailed WealthBar Statement that would make even Marie Kondo proud!

Truly understanding your investments goes a long way towards developing better investing habits. That’s why we’ve devoted a lot of time and effort into creating these new detailed WealthBar Statements. 

What makes these new Statements great?

  • Consolidation for a holistic view: In the past, if you held multiple investment accounts, you may have received multiple custodian statements. The new WealthBar Statement rolls information provided in those statements, into one, for a more consolidated view. Plus, if your account is linked to someone else’s, the new statement will display key details of the linked account for a better understanding of your overall financial picture.
  • Total transparency for maximum clarity: We never want you to be unsure about your fees, or how your investments performed. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to provide you with in-depth information in one easy to understand statement. Our new statements provide an at-a-glance look at your rate of return over multiple periods, a detailed view of fees paid by account and type, and a glossary of terms used to help you understand exactly how we got these numbers.
  • Interactivity for quicker comprehension: These new interactive statements are organized into tabs, enabling you to better focus in on key information like your performance overview, holdings, activity and fees. You can also adjust the timeframe by month or year for a macro or micro view of the information provided.

How do I get access? 

Access these digital only statements anytime by locating Statements from the drop-down menu. 

What happens to my old statements? 

You will continue to receive custodian statements, only now you’ll also receive monthly WealthBar statements. For your added convenience, we’ve even made our new statements available retroactively. 

We hope this enhancement will make understanding your investments even easier. Visit the Statements FAQ page if you would like to learn more about the features or how to read them.

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