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The impact of demographics on economics

August 8, 2017


The impact of demographics on economics

Finance 101

The impact of demographics on economics. If demography is destiny, then what does the future hold for the economy and investors? At a recent Wine & Wealth event hosted by WealthBar, Nicola Wealth Management CEO John Nicola discussed this very topic.

We can see that the population of the world is growing by leaps and bounds, but not evenly. Observers have long noted the below-replacement birth rates in most of the developed world outside of the USA, along with longer life expectancy. The result: many developed societies are aging rapidly. Since older people tend to save more, we’re seeing a deflationary trend. Even though the unemployment rate is holding relatively low and steady, wages are not rising. How is this happening – and what could it mean for investors? Check it out.

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  1. Vijay Kapoor

    The tips mentioned here are very useful. Demography plays very important role in economics. I agree with Nicola that getting a financial adviser can solve all the wealth problems.

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