Humans of WealthBar – Meet the Team Behind the Screen!

April 7, 2016


Humans of WealthBar – Meet the Team Behind the Screen!


In our new series – ‘Behind the Screen’ – we introduce you to the great folks that make up the WealthBar team. WealthBar is totally online and without the bricks and mortar, it’s easy to forget that behind every transaction, financial plan, trade, and portfolio there is a whole team passionately working to create the WealthBar experience. Our advisors regularly review plans while coaching clients, our engineers are coding new features, and your portfolio manager is busy making trades while keeping an eye on the markets for you. Our hopes for this series is to introduce you to the wonderful people that make up WealthBar and how we aren’t just a “Robo-advisor,” but so much more. We’ve got a team working closely with our clients every day.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll roll out the rest of the interviews and you’ll meet the whole team behind WealthBar!

This week, we meet Lisa Taniguchi, the creative vision behind WealthBar’s brand, design, and graphics. Lisa tells us what inspires her creativity, the best financial advice she’s ever gotten, and how visual communications is more than just aesthetics.

Lisa believes that “form is function” and since she joined the WealthBar team in June 2014, she strives to create an intuitive and engaging experience for WealthBar’s clients.

When she’s not at WealthBar, you can find her spending her time sketching typography, keeping busy with freelance projects, and diving into the latest online first-person shooter game. Ask about her experience in the Division’s Dark Zone, I dare you!


How Did You Decide Graphic Design Was Your Thing?

“Because marketing wasn’t quite doing it for me! Originally, I was torn between pursuing a career in architecture or marketing. Marketing and architecture both offered a level of creativity, yet something still felt like it was missing. By a stroke of luck, I found a Bachelor’s program that combined the creativity of graphic design with the structure of marketing. From my very first typography class, I was hooked.”

What Inspires You?

“At the end of the day, I want to help people. I think about my family and friends, and how WealthBar can help make their lives better. In the end, I want to help make an investment experience that’s friendly, accessible, affordable, and most importantly, doesn’t suck like the banks.”

If You Could Travel Anywhere Right Now, Where Would You Go?

“I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. As much as part of me wants to go somewhere new and exciting because I’m young and that’s what people my age do, I would travel to Osaka, Japan. New York, London, and Paris will always be there. My grandma won’t and my little cousins won’t always be so little. Plus, where else can I get fish so fresh it’s still moving!”

For $50,000, Would You Eat a Bowl of Crickets?

“How big is the bowl? That is really important! $50,000 dollars. Crickets. Are they flavored? Can I put soy sauce on it? People in parts of the world do eat crickets; I’ll just keep telling myself, “it’s just protein”. So yes, I’d do it as long as I can season them… heavily.”

What’s Been Your Most Memorable Moment at WealthBar?

“Being at the WealthBar launch party! This is the one that keeps coming back to me. Being a part of WealthBar at such an early stage and then to be there when we launched publicly was pretty cool. It feels like it was so long ago, and it’s hard to believe it’s been nearly two years.”

What’s the Best Financial Advice You Have Gotten?

“When I was about 15 years old, I started to bug my parents for an increase in my allowance. They told me to get a job. After my first few paycheques, I realized that I was spending it all. I had nothing to show for all my hours of hard work serving ice cream at the local DQ.

I realized that having some savings to show for my hard work was much more rewarding than an empty bank account. I’ve always had a job ever since and learning the value of money and the power of saving has made a huge difference in how I approach my finances, as well as who I am as an adult.

Maybe that’s what pulled me into WealthBar. When I first started at WealthBar I was right out of university and felt like a fish out of water. Working in financial technology wasn’t in my plan, but with the support of the team, I’ve grown as a designer and a person. Being a part of a company that is working to make the lives of Canadian’s better makes it really easy to wake up every day, even Mondays.”

If you have any questions about WealthBar or your portfolio just login into your WealthBar dashboard to review your portfolio performance or to talk to your advisor. Not yet a client? Sign up here and receive a complimentary online personal financial planning session with one of our expert financial advisors.

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