Our growing company has a new friend. Announcing Canada’s 1st-to-market deal between a robo-advisor and an insurance advisory

WealthBar makes friends with PPIWe’ve come a long way, friend. We’re proud to announce we’re launching a custom investment platform for PPI. This is the first deal of its kind in Canada between a robo-advisor and insurance advisory firm. Woohoo!

We’re excited by the prospect of helping even more Canadians by making investing easier. Fantastic! Independent advisors who work with PPI will get access to PPI Valet, powered by WealthBar, starting in the fall. Their clients will get to experience what WealthBar clients have come to enjoy: portfolios with competitive performance, lower fees and better diversification.

The synergy just seemed right almost from the first conversation, as PPI Solutions CEO Jim Virtue said:

“It was clear to me that we shared a lot of the same values and vision. The team at WealthBar really gets it. They believe in providing consumers with a product that makes sense for them, but also understand the value of advisors. The advisors working with this new technology will enhance their practice and the experience for the consumer.”

For our growing company, this is a great milestone and another sign that we’re on the right track. Thanks, PPI. And thanks to all of our clients over the years who continue to work with us and help us be the best we can be.

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