It’s Here: A Better Group RRSP For Your Workplace

July 7, 2016


It’s Here: A Better Group RRSP For Your Workplace


We’re pretty excited about this one.

We’re now able to offer Group RRSPs to employers who want to help their employees save for retirement. (Not sure what that is? See our article on group RRSPs).

Maybe it doesn’t sound that exciting. But we’re excited because this is a game-changer in Canada.


  1. Lower Fees:

    WealthBar Group RRSPs have significantly lower fees than traditional group plans often at 2-3%. We’re below 1%. This means employees can save thousands of dollars more every year.
  2. Personalized Advice:

    Each employee gets assigned a dedicated WealthBar Financial Advisor to help them build a tailored financial plan, chose their investments, and help them plan for retirement. Most other plans don’t offer this kind of support, which means lower participation or not participating at all. 

    By having a direct line to a dedicated advisor, HR professionals can confidently send their employees to WealthBar for that advice. This increases participation and ensures they’re invested in a plan that’s tailored for them.

In addition to that, you get the added benefits that all WealthBar customers experience, from automatic investment rebalancing, retirement planning, to managing everything from our convenient mobile app.

It’s one of the first times a financial technology company has offered anything like this, and we’re hopeful it will act as a catalyst to bring lower fees and more transparency to the group RRSP industry.

There’s no cost for employers to get started. Employers can visit to learn more and get in touch. Employees who want to champion the change in their workplace can also contact us on the same page and we’ll send you a toolkit for your HR department.

Want to see what WealthBar is all about first? Invite us to your office and we’ll provide a free personal finance lunch & learn – and yes, we’ll pay for lunch. Just click here to learn more.

A few minutes today could save you thousands tomorrow.
Start investing in under 5 minutes. No hold music. No paperwork.
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