Good news. We outperformed the most popular mutual fund in Canada

February 8, 2018


Good news. We outperformed the most popular mutual fund in Canada


Notwithstanding the downs and ups of this week’s stock market, investors enjoyed the bull run of 2017. So did we – on behalf of our clients. We ran the numbers. Here’s the good news.

Our Balanced ETF portfolios achieved an 11.2 percent return. That’s over one percent higher than the performance of the most popular mutual fund in Canada – by comparison, the RBC Select Balanced Portfolio earned just 9.8 percent.

Our Balanced portfolio also returned 2.2 percent above the most popular Do-It-Yourself strategy, the Canadian Couch Potato comparable ETF portfolio.

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The secret of our portfolios’ success isn’t really a secret

We’re managing volatility and doing regular rebalancing, to aim for an optimal return. For the Balanced portfolio, we took a diversified approach to invest in equities, which were also tilted to the US market, along with fixed income and real estate. All of those investments were diversified across geography.

We invested in preferred shares, which helps to ensure cash flow and lower volatility. Because of our focus on short-term rates, our portfolios were not impacted as much by drawdowns to our portfolios when the interest rate hikes came along.

As we’ve seen this week, markets can move up or down. But our clients have seen the value in the way we manage our portfolios. Now that the final figures are in for 2017, all Canadians can see the numbers for themselves. We like to be humble, but as the saying goes, money talks.

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