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2016 Market Review

Each month I bring you a roundup of all the most important market news that impacts your investments in my Market Updates. Looking back on all the news from 2016, it’s plain to see that the biggest events that shaped the market were a major… Read more

Market Update – April 2015

Following March’s volatile market performance, April finished the month slightly up. Global markets did experience a shock mid month however, with some markets seeing their biggest single day losses of 2015. This was triggered by a number of factors including a change in securities regulation… Read more

Market Update – February 2015

February was a positive month for global equity markets. At home the S&P/TSX Composite was up 3.9% and south of the border, the S&P 500 was up 5.5%. Even when “Grexit”(Greece’s withdrawal from the eurozone) was looming, many European stock markets ignored the noise and… Read more

Market Update – January 2015

2015 has been a month of surprises. The markets continued to responded an ongoing fall in oil prices; the Swiss Franc suddenly departed from a 3 year policy of being pegged to the Euro, resulting in a 30% leap in the value of the Franc… Read more

#MoneyMythMondays — CPP

  This week’s Money Myth: “I should take CPP early.” Based on recent life expectancy data fro StatsCan and changes in the CPP withdraw rules, we estimate that the average person will maximize their total CPP payout by starting closer to age 65. Here’s a… Read more

Market Update – September 2014

At the time of this writing (Sept 26th, 2014) the S&P/TSX Composite, Canada’s main stock index dropped for a fifth straight session yesterday, nearing a three-month low and a total drop of nearly 3.8% in one week. Across the border U.S. markets were down, with… Read more

The Traits Of An Insurance Policy

An insurance policy is a contract between a person and a company in which the company takes on a financial burden on behalf of a person under certain circumstances. Insurance Company’s Promise If X happens to the insured then the insurance company will pay $… Read more

May you triple your profits

Over this past holiday season, I’ve been indulging in some mindless classic TV, courtesy of Netflix. I was finally able to watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from the beginning and complete my thorough knowledge of all things Star Trek. While major Kira works to… Read more