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RRSP contribution deadline

RRSP contribution deadline and CRA rules reminder

The March 1, 2018 RRSP contribution deadline approaches! As such, many Canadians are about to make a last minute contribution to their RRSP account. RRSP contribution deadlines for 2017 tax year December 31, 2017 March 1 (First 60 days of 2018). Here are some important… Read more

TFSA vs RRSP. An overview

TFSA vs RRSP vs both. What’s best for me?

I recently read an in-depth analysis by David Chilton (AKA The Wealthy Barber) looking into a specific question: TFSA vs RRSP? I was inspired to do some in-depth analysis on my own. One end result of doing all that research: I went ahead and created WealthBar’s ultimate… Read more

How much should you contribute to RRSPs in 2018?

How much should you contribute to your RRSP in 2018?

It’s almost RRSP season again! If your RRSP savings aren’t on autopilot, you are probably thinking about contributing to your RRSP before the March 1 deadline. How much should you invest? For the 2017 tax year the RRSP limit is 18% of your 2017 gross… Read more

You can switch. Move your RRIF to us, save on fees

You can switch. Move your RRIF to us, save on fees

You’ve retired. You’re finally ready to loosen the purse strings and start spending the money in your Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) on the things you love. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that you don’t want to spend a lot… Read more