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5 Reasons to Switch to a Robo-Adviser

5 Reasons to Switch to a Robo-Adviser

If the term robo-adviser conjures up images of C-3PO controlling your money, relax: we’re not robots. So, why are Canadians making the switch to a robo-adviser? We leverage technology to create a modern online experience for the benefit of our clients. “Robo-adviser” is a recent… Read more

Hack your tax. Get a better tax refund

Hack your tax. Get a bigger tax refund

Maximize your tax refund. That’s the goal, particularly if you’re contributing to RRSPs before the fast-approaching March 1 deadline. But you have to strike the optimal balance between your planned contribution and your tax rate. (Ugh. Math. That’s complicated!) Here’s something to make it easier:… Read more

Thrifty and thoughtful gift ideas for the holidays

Doing some last-minute holiday shopping? The urge to spend is almost irresistible. Saving money might be the furthest thing from your mind. But around holiday time, I try to focus on what really matters: spending time with family and friends. Still, expectations are hard to change…. Read more

Financial literacy month: Saving like it’s 1982

While researching how Canadians save for Financial Literacy Month, I came across a mythical year that all statistics reference: 1982. It was the year Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, Canada gained constitutional independence from the Queen of England, Adobe Systems was born–bringing Photoshop to the… Read more

Financial Literacy Month: Life on a budget

Nobody wants to be on a budget, but the reality is we have a finite amount of resources–a.k.a. money–and infinite ways to use it. Budgeting is a way to keep your daily expenditures in check, so when you come to a financial bridge you’d like… Read more