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True North, strong and financially free. Enter to win!

True North, strong and financially free. Enter to win!

Financial freedom. Don’t we all want it? Imagine retiring from your job early, spending more time on hobbies, traveling whenever you want, or being able to afford any big item on your wish list. WealthBar loves it when Canadians are responsible with their finances. Just like how Warren Buffet didn’t… Read more

The WealthBar mobile app. Invest on the go

Staying on top of your money doesn’t need to be difficult. Take control of your financial future with the new and improved WealthBar app. It’s the fastest robo-adviser mobile app available to Canadians today. The app gives in-your-pocket access to manage your investments quickly. Enjoy a super slick interface to help make sense of it… Read more

Even seasoned investors can make rookie mistakes

Even seasoned investors can make rookie mistakes

Do you tend to follow the herd when making investment decisions? When you look at all of your investment options, from RRSP vs TFSA, stocks vs bonds, etc., do you get stuck? Focusing too much on your return while paying less attention to fees? Even… Read more

Good news. We outperformed the most popular mutual fund in Canada

Notwithstanding the downs and ups of this week’s stock market, investors enjoyed the bull run of 2017. So did we – on behalf of our clients. We ran the numbers. Here’s the good news. Our Balanced ETF portfolios achieved an 11.2 percent return. That’s over one percent higher… Read more

Got questions about your RRSP? Ask Me Anything on January 31

The time to top up your RRSP account has come around again. But many Canadians have questions. We’re here to help! On Wednesday, January 31, from 8 am to 1 pm we’ll be hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) thread on Reddit’s Personal Finance Canada. Ask away… WealthBar Financial Advisers Clayton… Read more

PPI Valet, powered by WealthBar, has officially launched across Canada.

PPI Valet powered by WealthBar launches nationwide

A little while back, we announced a big deal. We teamed up with PPI, a national insurance marketing firm. Together we developed an innovative custom investment platform designed to help advisors grow their business and enhance their relationships with clients. Today we’re letting the world know that PPI Valet, powered… Read more

Thoughts on being a Mom Boss

Some thoughts from a Mom Boss

Mom Bosses. We juggle family life and work, like everyone… but there’s something else when you’re the founder of a company. Your business is kind of like your baby. You want to nurture it. Protect it. Give it the love it deserves, so it can… Read more