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Even seasoned investors can make rookie mistakes

Even seasoned investors can make rookie mistakes

Do you tend to follow the herd when making investment decisions? When you look at all of your investment options, from RRSP vs TFSA, stocks vs bonds, etc., do you get stuck? Focusing too much on your return while paying less attention to fees? Even… Read more

Thoughts on being a Mom Boss

Some thoughts from a Mom Boss

Mom Bosses. We juggle family life and work, like everyone… but there’s something else when you’re the founder of a company. Your business is kind of like your baby. You want to nurture it. Protect it. Give it the love it deserves, so it can… Read more

Don’t let emotion cloud your investing strategy

In the Trump era of fake news and seesawing headlines about possible trade wars and tax cuts, one rule sticks out for us: don’t let your emotions decide for you when you’re investing. That theme also came through loud and clear in a recent interview… Read more

Bank scandals and how to get good financial advice

Burned by bank scandals? Get honest financial advice

I wouldn’t claim that all of the big banks are caught up in scandals over high-pressure sales tactics. The people working at the big banks can tell you that. This headline from the CBC sums up the problem nicely: ‘We are all doing it’: Employees… Read more

Millennials investing in the markets

Millennials investing in the markets

Why aren’t millennials investing in the markets at the same rate as other age groups in Canada? It’s actually fairly straightforward. Our CTO Chris Nicola explains in this week’s article in Business in Vancouver: “They’ve got other primary goals in mind. They have lower disposable… Read more

Fintech startup. A day in the life

A day in the life of a Vancouver fintech startup

What’s it like to actually work in a fintech startup in the fast-growing tech hub of Vancouver? That is one of the top questions you tend to hear at events like the BC Tech Summit happening this week (We’ll be there, by the way. Drop… Read more

WealthBar. $100 million under management

We’ve hit a $100 million milestone

  We have big news! You’ve helped WealthBar hit a $100 million milestone by investing with us online. We now manage over $100 million in discretionary assets across Canada, making us a major player in the financial technology space. Woohoo! Two years ago we set… Read more