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Market Update. Investor confidence stoked by US tax reform

Returns for the WealthBar Balanced ETF Portfolio were up 1.3% for November. Over the year to date, the Balanced ETF Portfolio has seen a 11.1% return. Our Aggressive ETF Portfolio is up over 13.6% for the year to date. See more about how our portfolios performed. Markets head upward as investors… Read more

Canadian economy heads north, international markets enjoy good run

Market update. Canadian economy heads north

Returns for the WealthBar Balanced ETF Portfolio were up 1.2% for September. Over a full year we have seen a 10.2% return, notwithstanding moderate volatility over the spring and summer. Canadian economy keeps purring along, which is a good thing for our portfolio Canada’s economy… Read more

Refer a friend to WealthBar

Refer a friend to WealthBar, be $50 richer

Being good to the people you care about is its own reward, but we think nice folks deserve a little something extra. Every time you refer a friend** (or someone else you care about) to WealthBar, you both can come out ahead with $50 each!… Read more