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November 2016 Investment Market Update

We kicked off the month with a lot of market uncertainty. This was quickly turned around as Donald Trump won the US election and OPEC agreed to cut oil production. Equity markets rose (S&P500 +3.7%, S&P/TSX Composite 2.2% & Nikkei +5.1%) and volatility subsided (VIX… Read more


October 2016 Investment Market Update

October was a month of increased market volatility stemming from the run-up to the U.S. election, Russia and OPEC, China and Brexit.   Oil Oil prices saw large swings this month. Earlier in the month the prices spiked when Russia’s president Vladimir Putin proclaimed support… Read more


September 2016 Investment Market Update

After a quiet summer, September saw a spike in market volatility. Oil producers agreed to limit production, market indices reclassified to include REITs, the Federal Reserve held rates steady, and Deutsche Bank was fined $14 billion for its role in the mortgage crisis. Equity and… Read more

WealthBar's August 2016 Market Update

August 2016 Investment Market Update

For August 2016, the markets took a vacation like everyone else. Although it was an uneventful month for the asset classes that underlie our portfolios, big stories such as the Bank of England cutting interest rates to promote growth, the outcome of U.S. Federal Reserves… Read more


July 2016 Investment Market Update

July was a good month for WealthBar clients as equity markets around the world exhibited good performance. In Canada, the TSX Composite was up 3.9%. South of the border the S&P500 was up 3.7% and internationally the MSCI EAFE was up 5.5%. The Canadian market… Read more


June 2016 Investment Market Update

Much of the focus in June was on Brexit and you can read our commentary following the referendum in our special interim market update. Brexit had immediate effects on global markets. We don’t know how it will shape the global economy but expect volatility to… Read more


Interim Market Update June 2016: The Brexit

As a Brit who supported the “Remain” campaign, I was disappointed when the votes were in and final ballots counted. The people of Great Britain chose to leave the European Union (“EU”), Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation, and much of the world is… Read more


May 2016 Investment Market Update

May was a strong month for portfolio performance as we saw gains across all asset class. The S&P 500 returned 1.8% this month after improving U.S. economic data and comments from Federal Reserve officials signalled that a rate rise could come as soon as June…. Read more