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Investing in the age of Trump

Canadians investing in the age of Trump

In my Year in Review update to WealthBar clients about performance, ‘Making Investing Great Again,’ I talked a bit about the Donald Trump effect on the markets. Love him or hate him, the new US chief executive (and his tweets) form part of that bigger… Read more

Breaking up with your bank

Breaking up with your bank isn’t hard to do

When I started WealthBar, many financial industry leaders told me that it would be tough to get people to switch over from their bank. “Canadians are naturally apathetic,” they said. “They stay loyal to the bank where they opened a bank account when they were… Read more

Market Update March 2017

Market Update. US, Canadian economies growing

We saw that in March, the US interest rate increased, the price of oil continued a downward drip. Meanwhile, the US and Canadian economies saw positive signs. US economy gets a boost With the US economy showing signs of improvement, the Federal Open Market Committee initiated… Read more

November 2016 Investment Market Update

We kicked off the month with a lot of market uncertainty. This was quickly turned around as Donald Trump won the US election and OPEC agreed to cut oil production. Equity markets rose (S&P500 +3.7%, S&P/TSX Composite 2.2% & Nikkei +5.1%) and volatility subsided (VIX… Read more

October 2016 Investment Market Update

October was a month of increased market volatility stemming from the run-up to the U.S. election, Russia and OPEC, China and Brexit.   Oil Oil prices saw large swings this month. Earlier in the month the prices spiked when Russia’s president Vladimir Putin proclaimed support… Read more

September 2016 Investment Market Update

After a quiet summer, September saw a spike in market volatility. Oil producers agreed to limit production, market indices reclassified to include REITs, the Federal Reserve held rates steady, and Deutsche Bank was fined $14 billion for its role in the mortgage crisis. Equity and… Read more

WealthBar's August 2016 Market Update

August 2016 Investment Market Update

For August 2016, the markets took a vacation like everyone else. Although it was an uneventful month for the asset classes that underlie our portfolios, big stories such as the Bank of England cutting interest rates to promote growth, the outcome of U.S. Federal Reserves… Read more