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Market Update. Bull market? Yes. It’s no bull

It’s official: we’re in the longest-ever bull market for stocks. Sure, the stock market isn’t everything when it comes to investing. But there’s no question, investor confidence has to be at or near an all-time high. Tech stocks can take much of the credit: first, Apple hits the trillion-dollar valuation… Read more

Thinking responsibly about socially responsible investing

“Do the right thing.” That’s the new corporate motto for Alphabet, Google’s parent company, putting a more proactive spin on Google’s “Don’t Be Evil.” On the one hand, Google’s change in mantra from “don’t be evil” to “do the right thing” is a perfect example showing we do not want to just avoid the worst, but… Read more

Market update. Oil price pumps up investors

Canadian stocks driven by the oil price combined with international stock growth are the major contributors to this month’s positive performance. Investors enjoyed a relatively relaxing month of lower volatility in many sectors. It seems to be a case of investors taking a breather to see… Read more

More than ever, responsible investing is important

Canadians are big on Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). They’ve thrown $1.5 trillion at investments that are aligned with fighting climate change, promoting human rights and other causes. Cleantech investing is practically a textbook example of people putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to investing in their… Read more

Marijuana investing. The straight dope

Is all the buzz around marijuana investing deserved? How did the value of marijuana stocks get so high in the first place? Why are they currently on a bit of a low? And with valuations at a discount, is now a good time to get in on… Read more

Market Update. When the market is a yo-yo, play safe

Market Update. When the market is a yo-yo, play safe

In March, skittish investors continued to send markets up, down and all around. Facebook data shenanigans, Trump’s trade tariffs and other headline news rocked the boat. Individually, these events might have left stock watchers unfazed during the remarkable bull run of 2016-2018. After all, the economy in North America… Read more