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5 Reasons to Switch to a Robo-Adviser

5 Reasons to Switch to a Robo-Adviser

If the term robo-adviser conjures up images of C-3PO controlling your money, relax: we’re not robots. So, why are Canadians making the switch to a robo-adviser? We leverage technology to create a modern online experience for the benefit of our clients. “Robo-adviser” is a recent… Read more

What the heck is an ETF? Our Portfolio Manager explains

Today, we wanted to talk about ETFs, or Exchange-Traded Funds. WealthBar invests exclusively in ETF’s. We had a chat with our portfolio manager, Neville Joanes about how ETF’s work and why they are so popular. In layman’s terms, what is an ETF? As you might know, stocks… Read more

Santa rallies the markets

On Christmas Eve, Santa goes through hell and high water to deliver gifts to the children of the world and then heads back to the North Pole to prepare for the next year. What the kids don’t know is that Santa often brings the magic… Read more

D-I-Why? Pitfalls of Do-it-Yourself Investing

Canadian investors pay the highest management fees in the world for mutual funds. According to a study published by Morningstar, the average management expense ratios (MER) of equity funds sold in Canada is 2.42%; whereas in the U.S. investors pay on average 0.82% for a similar… Read more