Announcing Private Investment Pools

July 2, 2015


Announcing Private Investment Pools


Invest in your own private pension fund

Today we are proud to announce, that thanks to WealthBar’s partnership with Nicola Wealth Management, WealthBar clients can now invest in NWM’s Private Investment Pools. These exclusive pension-fund-like investment strategies offer greater diversification, lower volatility and, thanks to WealthBar’s low-cost high-tech approach, are now accessible to existing and new WealthBar clients at a cost well below most traditional mutual funds.

The “private client” wealth management experience now starts at $1,000, not $1,000,000

Exclusive “private client” wealth management was typically reserved for clients with $1,000,000 or more. WealthBar’s technology allows us to bring that minimum investment down to only $1,000.

Nicola Wealth Management’s Private Investment Pools align with three core aspects of investment management – broad diversification of assets, low volatility, and cash flow. Like mutual funds, Private Investment Pools allow investors to invest directly in a diversified portfolio and offer the flexibility to buy and sell when needed. Unlike mutual funds, the investment strategy goes beyond basic stocks and bonds and uses exclusive assets like private equity, real estate and mortgage pools not accessible to many retail investors or financial advisors. Individually, these investments would require multi-million dollar commitments. Managing nearly $4B investment pools Nicola Wealth can access high-quality investments at much lower institutional pricing in much the same way as a pension fund.

The icing on the cake is that not only does WealthBar provide access to these exclusive investments, but we are able to offer them, along with our modern online financial advice, for less than the costs of a balanced mutual fund. In fact, compared to one of Canada’s most popular mutual funds, a client investing in a Private Investment Pool with WealthBar saves up to 40% on fees resulting in a nearly 1% higher return on your investments.

Nicola Wealth Management has over 20 years of proven results for their clients and manages almost $3.6B in assets. “We believe the online advisory model, and specifically WealthBar, presents a strong case for the modern investor,” said John Nicola, CEO of Nicola Wealth Management. “It’s a smart move for both companies to work together for the greater good of our investors, and one that is only going to present more investment opportunities for the average Canadian.”

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