Managing household expenses. Tips from Rubina Ahmed-Haq

A little while ago, one newsworthy survey showed that most Canadians would have trouble managing their household expenses if interest rates went up. Well, rates have indeed climbed. The cost of servicing a mortgage is up, putting pressure on household budgets for everything else, from groceries to… Read more

Good and bad habits for investing

Are your investing instincts all wrong? To put it another way, would you prefer to avoid losing money more than you want to make money? Check out this presentation showing how many investors get the fundamentals wrong when it comes to placing their bets, which is often… Read more

Finances for freelancers in the gig economy

Finances for freelancers in the gig economy

For freelancers, understanding finances, taxes, etc. can be more confusing than for people who hold down a regular 9 to 5 job. That’s a big problem. In the USA, “Gig workers are expected to comprise 40 percent of the workforce by the end of the decade,” reports the Times Free… Read more

Dividends, interest or yield?

Dividends, interest or yield?

As a Canadian, you might just want to throw your arms up at this glowing opinion from an American about the value we get for our relatively high tax rate. MSNBC’s Ester Bloom casually links the government services we get in return with higher reported happiness. It… Read more

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